Since “Trump’s Declaration”, 110 violations against journalists in Palestine

PJS issued report about the Israeli forces attacks to Palestinian journalists since “Trump’s Declaration”, between the 6th and the 24th of this month.
The total violations for this period were 110, recorded in several Palestinian provenances, the main were 68 direct injuries among journalists during their coverage for the Israeli suppression.
These Injuries came by direct targeting with bullets, rubber-coated metal bullets, tear gas bombs, sonic bombs, pepper gas, and physical assault.
The highest number of violations were recorded in Jerusalem and the northern entrance of Al-Beirah, were Israeli suppression for Palestinian protests was more aggressive.
Recorded Testimonies by journalists shows that the occupation forces use different kind of tear gas, which directly affects Respiratory system, eyes, Digestive, with dropping in the Vital activities. Also, PJS recorded direct threating for journalists by Israeli forces with their machine guns, in 3 occasions at least, one by undercover units.
PJS recorded repeatable targeting for 5 journalists at least, which shows Israeli insistence to eliminate them from the field. Also, 3 cameras were broken by direct targeting during coverage.
The occupation confiscation IFJ press card from the journalists Osaid Amarneh, the occupation forces still working based on military orders for prohibiting coverage and movement in several locations, mainly in Hebron provenance, by claiming it military zones.
The occupation forces arrested 3 journalists in Jerusalem and Hebron, and investigated with one journalist.
The Israeli incitement campaign against our journalists continued through social media and Israeli media, the recent was the incitement of the journalist Ben Kasbit, on punishing Palestinians on dark, away from cameras, mainly the people of AL-Nabi Saleh village ( .
PJS sent letters to the general manager of UNESCO and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, with the violations and incitements against journalists in Palestine.
Previously, IFJ called Fcebook and the Israeli government to take urgent actions against the incitement campaign, which makes real threat on Palestinian journalists in the field.

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