PJS Condemns the continuous Israeli targeting for the Palestinian Journalists

Photo credit: Ameer Abed Rabbo
PJS condemns the Israeli systematic and escalated targeting for Palestinian journalists and media, during their coverage for the protests against Trump’s recent decision about Jerusalem, which resulted more than 20 casualties in West Bank and Gaza.
PJS president Nasser Abu Baker said “This direct targeting for journalists in the field is part of the continuous occupational policy toward our media and journalists, which aims to struggle the voice of reality and prohibiting media from spreading the ugly practices of occupation”.
“ we have hot lines with our regional and international partners to update them with the occupation’s attacks on journalist and media, we called and still calling for urgent international intervention to protect the freedom of media and journalists in Palestine, this was clear in the recent release of FAJ “Jerusalem round”, we receive solidarity calls every day from Arab, Islamic, and international federations, all condemns the aggressive practices of the occupation toward our media” Said Abu Baker.
The head of freedoms committee in PJS Mohammed Allaham said “the occupation forces still targeting our journalists in the field, by struggling their word, preventing them from work and coverage, physical attacks, threating in jail, direct targeting by bullets, and sonic bombs”.
He added “these attacks resulted around 20 injuries in West Bank and Gaza, their injuries were in head, hand, and legs, with several suffocation cases, beside financial losses from damaging cameras, lenses, and press shields by these bombs”.

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