Palestine: Israeli undercover forces impersonating journalists

PJS condemned the Israeli new crime by impersonating journalists during their attack to Birzeit university campus and arresting the president of students’ union there, last Wednesday.
PJS Saied that this step is new targeted violation for international law, which harms all journalists and put them under real threat. PJS emphasized that this step is part of the occupational systematic targeting for journalists in Palestine and all over the world. The Palestinian union called again for urgent international intervention to stop this situation.
PJS requested from the Palestinian ministry of international affairs and the Palestinian delegation in UN to send urgent complain to the security council to stop these continuous violations.
PJS also called the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the red cross to take their responsibilities in protecting journalists in Palestine. the union said that the silence encourages the occupation forces to increase its attacks on journalists and Palestinians in general.
PJS expressed its full support to Berzeit university with its students and workers unions and emphasized on its full commitment for coordination in any effort to stop such violations and attacks. Also, PJS said that it has open discussion with FAJ and IFJ on the next steps, and this case will be presented in the speech of PJS in OHCHR-Geneva in the 19th of this month.

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