“To be a Palestinian woman journalist!!” A campaign launched by the PJS to document the testimonies of female journalists about the occupation’s crimes against them

“To be a Palestinian woman journalist” is a media advocacy campaign launched by the Gender Committee of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate in cooperation with the International Federation of Journalists, on the eighth of March, as a part of the efforts that the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate continues to undertake on more than level since the start of the war of genocide against our people in the Gaza Strip, which has entered its sixth month witnessing a direct and deliberate targeting of journalists.

Since the beginning of the Israeli occupation’s aggression, 127 journalists have been killed (including 16 women journalists) in the world largest targeting of journalists, in addition to the injury of dozens of journalists and the destroying their homes. At least 80 female journalists were displaced repeatedly, in addition to the destruction of dozens of media institutions.

Many women journalists were also arrested in difficult and harsh conditions without any rights, also dozens were injured as a result of being targeted by bullets, gas bombs, beatings and abuse.

 The testimonies of journalists from the Gaza Strip reveal the ugliness of crimes, large-scale targeting operations, and violence that the Israeli occupation continues to execute against them to hinder them from performing their duty of reporting what is happening.

In this harsh situation, the profession of journalism, the shield, the helmet, and the laws that states the provision of protection of journalists no longer constitute any protection for Palestinian journalists today.

In light of the direct targeting, hunger, difficulty of movement, and loss of family for the majority of journalists. This campaign aims to shed light on the suffering of Palestinian women journalists in this war, and to hear their live testimonies under bombing and targeting. Additionally, the campaign means to show the various aspects of the daily suffering of the Palestinian media in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

This campaign is initiated by PJS to raise the voice of women journalists, as well as, raising global awareness of the atrocities Palestinians live in and the necessity of taking clear international stances towards condemning the occupation’s policies of deliberate targeting of Palestinian journalists. In addition to mobilizing public opinion and international press and community to lobby towards stopping Israeli occupation’s policies and holding it accountable for its crimes against journalists.

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